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FLYHORSES GROUP (Shenzhen headquarters)
Address:1701, 17th floor, Building 2, Xunmei Technology Squar,No.8, Keyuan Road,Nanshan District Shenzhen, China



       China chain alliance is a high class platform and association under the FLYHORSES GROUP. It is the biggest chain alliance in China, and was created together by chain business experts, chain enterprises, and multiple famous organizations in different areas such as capital, internet, think tank and media. It devotes to help chain business who is in different periods, such as star-up, expansion, combination and revolution, to break the ice, to build a professional system, to gain the development resource and to contribute.

       Position:A high class platform and group serves China chain business
       Mission: Connect all the resources, help the chain business to gain the future.
       Goal: Promote 10000 membership enterprises to get listed
       Build 100 leading chain brands in billion-yuan level.

       Core Services:

       I. Chain experts’ door-to-door counseling
       II. Chain investment planning and roadshow
       III. Billions of capital search for China chain business’ good project
       IV. China tour of Chain alliance 

       I. Chain experts’ door-to-door counseling

       Bring the benchmark, the experience and advanced model of successful cases in cross-industry

       Evaluation of professional system, hold the core problem of development

       Focus on core problem, analyze and discuss the solution, tutor business to implement

       Coach style tutorship, help the business operation team to improve their special skills

       Help business to grow in fastest speed on the strength of successful tutor experience

       II. Chain investment planning and roadshow

       Professional project packaging and planning, give the business project an amazing performing in market.

       A targeted and wild adapted cooperation model makes the franchisee irresistible

       Inspect the whole business operating system, purify the advantages of project and value of cooperation, and improve the core competitiveness of chain business

       Tutor the business investment attraction team hand by hand, from design to reality and effect transformation, upgrade the result of investment attraction road show

       Provide a wild and abundant performance stage to business, advance the brand value and influence of chain business


       III. China tour of Chain alliance

       Focus on the benchmarking enterprises’ core, communicate thoroughly with entrepreneurs, and enlighten them to innovate

       Analyze the SPA retail mode and trend of development, and confirm the strategy of development/model innovation/brand planning

       Customer’s case analysis, avoid the blind space of business development

       To experience the culture of benchmarking enterprises.

       IV. Billions of capital search for China chain business’ good project

       “chain+capital” model: a necessary requirement for business to become big and strong

       “chain business”-the only thing we’ve done in the past 14 years

       FLYHORSES is the protection to make sure chain business has a stable base.
Capital are wings for integration of enterprises to development rapidly

       FLYHORSES+capital: a project designed especially for chain business to become strong and big.

       Services Process
       Registration→Information Research Form
       Door to door tutorship→1. research & diagnose
                        2. analyze the period of development and core problem
                        3. resolve the emergency problem
                        4. 10 days door-to-door tutorship after the registration

       Customize the service plan→
                       1. classify the customers by growth stages, provide solutions accordingly
                       2. customer data inputting maintenance and management

       China Chain Alliance provide:
       Chain experts’ door-to-door counseling
       Chain investment planning and roadshow
       China tour of Chain alliance

       Professional service→
       profound consulting →invest, list/become leading brand in the business
       Service plan follow up/promotion