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FLYHORSES GROUP (Shenzhen headquarters)
Address:1701, 17th floor, Building 2, Xunmei Technology Squar,No.8, Keyuan Road,Nanshan District Shenzhen, China

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FLYHORSES GROUP is a leading chain business service platform, founded in 2003 and incorporates series of services including chain business training/consulting/education, chain+finance capital, chain+internet, chain alliance operation service, industry incubation and global technology transfer. So far, FLYHORSES group has served more than 10 thousand chain businesses including 60% of China's top 100 chain enterprises.

The headquarter is located in Shenzhen, China and has such financial services branches as FLYHORSES BUSINESS, SIGE EDUCATION, DIANDIAN JIN INVESTMENT, FLYHORSES INVESTEMENT, MELVYN PROPERTY, FLYHORSES PU FUND, along with other branches such as ALADING MOBILE LIFE, MA BANG YUN SHANG, CHAIN WENWEN. It is dedicated to providing chain training and consulting service, mobile internet service, investment and financing service, talent service, marketing promotion service and global technology transfer. 

In 2014, FLYHORSES founded the 1st national chain alliance organization China Chain Alliance to help chain enterprises in different stages with resources integration, cross-border cooperation, horizontal &vertical alliance, and also to promote over 10000 membership businesses to get listed, finally to build hundreds of leading brands in 10-billion-yuan level. At this moment, the number of our membership enterprise has reached over 3000, and each member on average has 30 stores and in general, the chain terminal stores reach about 90 thousand.

So far, FLYHORSES has set up over 60 chain innovation incubation centers with the view to provide the resource support and supplementary service for growth chain business during their incubation and development. FLYHORSES incubates outstanding growth chain business with various of supporting service, such as the establishment of professional system, the combination of new mobile internet technology and new media, the matching of talent resource and the docking of financial capital resource.
The global service aims at connecting all the chain resources with a complete & comprehensive industry layout. Our goal is to promote global development of chain business by gathering all kinds of resources like chain business expert, agency, organization, financial capital, mobile internet, talent, marketing promotion and media.
【FLYHORSES Advantage
1、The 1st chain industry service platform in China, and the earliest to provide chain training & consulting & counseling service.
2、Decades of experience in chain business services
      Expert team
      Brand precipitation
      One-stop chain service
3、 More than 10 thousand client resource and fans pool
4、Gathering chain business expert, agency, organization, financial capital, mobile internet, talent, marketing promotion and media
5、Global industry layout and global chain service